Project Design

Building a CrowdFunding project is a bit like trying to build a bridge in the fog. Making significant up-front investment, hoping that people will want your product, service or events when you finally reach the other side. And that’s assuming you even find the other side. It might be a bridge to nowhere!  Building your Crowdfunding serendipity" Finding partners, investors, press, collaborators, friends, and beyond ."Don't let your ideas gather dust"

We assist you to reduce your time, cost and effort in this phase. By providing you with a platform that you can start building your Crowd Funding project components, share your idea, get input and hunches, gather ideas that come from the collision of hunches and build your most optimized campaign prototyping your project using: 

CrowFunding Billboard

CrowdFunding FrameWorks

CrowdFunding Best Practices 

Project Validation

Engaging your family, friends, friends of family, Co worker mentors and the crowd to get ideas and concept validation & why? Listening, understanding, idation and collecting haunches. 
You may simply spend years building solutions that nobody or few people need or want.

The #1 reason why CrowdFunding fails and run out off resources is not because they fail to build what they set out to build, but because the waste time, money, and effort building the wrong product.

Your true job is not just building out your solution, but rather systematically mitigating  risk for your idea over time with constant validation.  
Testing the Market: We assist you to validate ideas using: 

Crowdfunding Preview and soft launch.

Crowd Sourcing
Crowd Building

Crafting More Than a Campaign, use crowd funding projects process to build your internal and external   teams and networks to raise more funds and have a far better chance of success.

80% of CrowdFunding projects is primarily funded by friends, family and those within the creator’s sphere of influence," Having a team means more friends, family and others close to you to ask for donations.

CrowdFunding starts with the "Crowd" not Funding.CrowdFunding is not a "filed of dream" . If you are not comfortable or familiar  with Social and News media  , crowd and community building, , then build a team that can bring more fans, friends, followers, pluses, likes. Experts in Social Media and Web optimization. Find resources that can help you with blogging , press releases, email marketing and more.We assist you to build your team using: 

CrowdFund Tank 


When you are ready .The perfect way to validate an idea and raise money at the same time.

Innovation accelerator and the place you will find & build your backers, investors and networks. Cheaper, faster and better market testing and brand setting. 

Pitch to the public for a support  without any middlemen. Receive valuable feedback from people investing and using your solution. Build a community of supportive fan that not only back you up but also share the buzz about your innovation . You also get valuable bargaining power by selling,  licensing and distributing. Crowd Funding analytic give you the power to attract CrowdFunding Cherubs & Philanthropists.

We assist you with your CrowdFunding portal selection and campaign management  using:

CrowdFunding mentors   


Go to Market
The business
At the end of a successful CrowdFunding Campaign, you’ll have a number of key resources and challenges . Of course, the actual funding is important to execute on the production and delivery of the rewards Beyond that, and even more importantly, you have a group of synergistic investors and followers which you can will get in touch and send them the goods. This is your crowd and partners . Maintaining this momentum, excitement and community as you work on bringing your product to the launch stage should be a primary focus of the production process.

We assist start ups reach their full potential by implementing  and scaling your  cloud back office, using awesome technology plus talented people.

We are a Google Apps trained  and certified organization with powerful cloud base inforatsucture technology including Email, Calendar , Docs, Website, Groups, Cloud storage, Video Conferencing, CRM, ERP, Accounting , shopping cart, Fulfillment, Support help desk & Customized data base applications  

We also market your product and service  in a  CrowdFunding post campaign market place 
Using :

Innova Global Technology