CowdFunding BillBoard is here to promote great ideas Before, Throughout and After Crowd Funding project and campaign (the whole life cycle). Usually, crowd Funding portals do not promote campaign before , after and even sometimes during the campaign and as you know campaign could be a short 1 month or up to 3 months.

Most campaign owner & issuer do not financially strong in constant, persistence marketing and whole concept and idea simply could slip through the cracks and forgotten forever.

In where the ideas come from Steve Johnson covers what was the idea and innovation sources in the past, present and future and why good ideas are no longer a rare commodity. We know most ideas are not complete and needs hunches and inputs from others to get it complete .

With the help of the global Internet, Crowd Sourcing, Expert Sourcing, Crowd Funding and Crowd Ideation, innovators and entrepreneurs around the world constantly bring their unique and brilliant ideas to life, and to market.

We want to keep the spotlight on the ideas, innovators and entrepreneurs using Google collaboration, communication and internet marketing tools, applications and cloud base infrastructure! To leverage with the industry 10 ton gorilla.

We want to Improve CrowdFunding

We realize that most crowd funding succeed are those which get the most publicity.
We have built the largest Crowd Funding Social Media accounts in the world to help you to leverage with Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin , Pinterest ..., our websites and blogs and Press releases . Whatever it takes
We love entrepreneurs & innovators

We want with your help to to be significant. There are many smart people in the world with a lot of fantastic and ground breaking ideas. We want to make history with you and we like to see your great ideas come to life and go to market.
We want to be there with you.

We promote projects without any peer judgement

We do not want to say no to Pebble watch, Pet rock or Nikola Tesla.
We like to listen , publish , promote, create , collaborate and connect.
We can build your crowd and community

Who are we

We are a team of expert Crowd Funding mentors, Coaches, Consultants with daily hands on Crowd Funding experience. We are also trained and Certified Google Apps professionals.

Meet the team

CrowdFunding Conference Leader.
Dr. Joseph Greco Ph.D and Finance Processor
Dr. Joe Greco began his business career as a financial analyst with the multinational Santa Fe International Corporation where he held positions as a project and corporate accountant and then a financial analyst responsible for the analysis of financial statements from 26 subsidiaries, various mergers and potential acquisitions. After completing his Ph.D. in financial economics, he entered the academic world as the holder of the Rhodes Chair in International Business at Baker University in Kansas. His fields of research have focused on global equity markets, especially in the area of high tech firms.

After a successful tenure at Baker, Dr. Greco moved to the Finance Department at the California State University, Fullerton teaching live as well as distance-learning courses in international finance and investments.

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Sydney Armani
Sydney is a long time silicon valley entrepreneur, with more than twenty years experience in Valley's community acting in both an entrepreneurial and investing capacity. he is a crowdfunding visionary and trail blazer with an unusual ability to see synergies between the different elements that make up the ecosystem. His enthusiasm is infectious and I have enjoyed working with him. engaging entrepreneur and outstanding networker and visionary of crowdfunding. A creative person at heart, he's working on building CrowdFunding platform " Live Crowdfunding demo pitch contest building bridge for new generation of Startup's in the Crowdfunding industry. He is a valuable contributor for us. Sydney is publisher of, an online daily crowdfunding news site in US and UK. He is also the organizer of the annual Silicon Valley Meets Crowdfunders conference in Palo Alto, CA

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Intellectual Property Litigation and the Procurement of Patent Rights
Michael A. Shimokaji
Michael is an expert in intellectual property litigation and the procurement of patent rights domestically and abroad. For more than 20 years, Michael Shimokaji has supported clients in industries as diverse as aerospace, apparel, household products, medical devices, software, telecommunications, photo imaging, and semiconductors. He is the author of articles that include “Inducement and Contributory Infringement Theories to Regulate Pre-Patent Issuance Activity” 37 IDEA 571 (1997); “Type of Use Determines Whether Use of Web Content Will Be Infringing” L.A. Daily Journal, August 22, 2002; and “Cease and Desist Letters May Contain Some Hidden Perils” L.A. Daily Journal, February 27, 2003; “Think of Patents as Products” Medical Design & Mfg, May 1, 2005; “Contingency Defense in Patent Lawsuits” L.A. Daily Journal, August 1, 2006; “Putting Designs to the Test” L.A. Daily Journal, October 30, 2008; “Mind Over Matter” Los Angeles Lawyer, April 2009; “Taking Orders” L.A. Daily Journal, August 19, 2009. He has lectured for local and national organizations in the US, as well as abroad, on various intellectual property topics.

Tagline:Patenting, Intellectual Property Litigation

CrowdFunding and Business Consultant
Jim Anderson
Jim had a number of very successful and rewarding years in management. His career really began when he graduated from business school where he was the founder and leader of the entrepreneur club and caused a major donor to fund a new entrepreneurship program. Since then he has worked for companies ranging from an Information Technology startup to a Real Estate business.

He really enjoys what he does and is very good at it. He currently serves as the President of JWA Capital Holdings LLC an investment holding company, and volunteers as a minister at New Life Christian Fellowship helping people with their personal finances and leading worship.

Tagline: Business Consulatnt, CrowdFunding Consultant

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Howard Orloff
Howard Orloff is Founder and Chief Promotions Officer at and After completing his education at the University of Buffalo, earning a B.S. in Marketing, Howard began his career as a currency and commodities trader in NYC. Catching the technology bug, he was recruited to Apple, helping them establish their first retail operations in Florida.

Tagline:Specializing in SEO, Social Media promotion, Media Relations and Campaign Building

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CrowdFunding Psychoanalyst
Dr. Christy Demetriades
Dr. Christy brings a unique perspective to the team as her background in psychology and human behavior will assist your business in understanding crowd dynamics, how to establish credibility, build trust and target the appropriate individuals for your campaign. The consultative relationship is project oriented and situation specific. Dr. Demetriades will work with an organization regarding its particular need to help them achieve the desired outcome.

She works with the key principals involved and assists in forming a plan. She will help with the group strategically utilize their resources, coordinate individual and team roles and responsibilities, and provide council until the very end. Dr. Christy Demetriades has a Ph.D. and M.S. in Clinical Psychology and a B.S. in Exercise Sports Science. She is therapist, speaker, writer, leadership coach, and organizational consultant. She thrives on helping people achieve their goals.

Tagline: Psychoanalyst, CrowdFunding Psychoanalyst

Investment Management and Financial Planning
Donna Adam
Donna has worked with business owners and entrepreneurs since the mid-80's to attain their financial goals and objectives. Most recently, has specialized in exit planning services for owners (the opposite side of crowdfunding).

Tagline: Organization, Project management, Marketing, Visionary; Empathy; and Communication.

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CrowdFunding Lawyer
Bryan Gianesin
Bryan Gianesin is a seasoned business transaction and securities lawyer. He has advised more than 400 startups, entrepreneurs, and business clients over the last 26 years. He has lived in and worked in Orange County, California for over 30 years.

Bryan has a passion for entrepreneurs and business owners and has advised numerous local and national companies regarding business structure, business operations, private placements and public offerings. He submitted his first public offering S-18 Registration Statement in 1987.

Business owners and entrepreneurs seek Bryan’s advice and insight regarding forming the proper entity, creating clear and concise contractual relationships among owners, employees, and third party vendors and customers. Bryan acts as the “go to” legal; consultant for numerous established businesses. business in their day-to-day business operations. He also advises clients respecting private financing through self-underwritings and angel and venture investors. Bryan has an in-depth knowledge of how to best structure private financing to maximize its benefit for all parties. Watch Bryan Gianesin CrowdFunding Video

Tagline: Attorney, securities lawyer, CrowdFunding, Orange County, California, S-18 Registration, IPO

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CrowdFunding Strategist
Dr. Letitia Wright
Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C, is a celebrity, international speaker, talk show host, author, director and movie producer. As the host of the Wright Place TM TV Show, now in it’s 14th season with over 362 shows previously broadcast on television to over 6.5 million homes each week in Southern California on Direct TV Channel 64.Now seen nationally on DISH ON DEMAND network in 60 million homes, The Wright Place TV Show continues to provide resources for Entrepreneurs.

Tagline:CrowdFunding Strategist, Televsion producer

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Bill Huston
Bill worked in the marketing field for over 10 years for an array of nonprofits and has been involved in business development in urban areas for the last 6 years. His focus has been on small business and micro-enterprise development with a focus on digital marketing.

Tagline:Video production, Pre-production, Production, and Post Production

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Virtual Communities and Social Media Leader
Howard Rheingold
Rheingold was born in Phoenix, Arizona. He attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon, from 1964 to 1968. His senior thesis was entitled "What Life Can Compare with This? Sitting Alone at the Window, I Watch the Flowers Bloom, the Leaves Fall, the Seasons Come and Go."

A lifelong fascination with mind altering and its methods led Rheingold to the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Xerox PARC. There he worked on and wrote about the earliest personal computers. This led to his writing Tools for Thought in 1985, a history of the people behind the personal computer. Around that time he first logged on to The WELL - an influential early online community. He explored the experience in his seminal book, The Virtual Community.Net smart and watch Howard TED presentation video

Tagline: Author

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James Doane
An innovator in online marketing, Jim has been a manager and executive at Fox Interactive, TradingMarkets, and Discus Dental. During his career, he has overseen social media marketing, e-commerce management, and demand generation for online properties such as MySpace, IGN, Intelligent Beauty, TradingMarkets, Askmen, BriteSmile, Toshiba, and Prior to embracing the Internet, Jim created direct marketing campaigns at ADVO Direct and MoneyMailer for national brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Firestone Tires, and Ralphs markets. He now heads up IM4C, a consulting firm that specializes in managing online marketing projects for established firms and entreprenurial start-ups.

Tagline: Internet Marketing, Social media, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, SEO, PPC, Internet marketing, e-commerce, user experience, website design, content management systems, marketing systems integration.

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Kent Mihlbauer
20+ year marketing / ad agency veteran. Industries include, Mobile/cellular provider, Automotive, Fashion, Investment, service/BtoB. Expertise in Automotive marketing - Brand and Retail divisions for Toyota/Lexus, AutoNation, Kia, Mazda, & Hyundai. Recent overseas project in Saudi Arabia, where I was tapped to develop strategic planning & analysis division for Toyota/Lexus ad agency, Dentsu - Drive Communications. Developed Dealer Associations for Kia - added 7 markets which grew Western region sales by 10% in 12 months Rebranded Hyundai "America's Best Warranty" - 300% growth in 4 years under new direction Rebranded PacSun to female friendly - increased female sales from 31% to 44% of total annual sales Goal: Solve Brand & Retail business issues for big, medium, or small companies by using technology focused solutions and strategic targeted communications.

Tagline: Strategic planning, consumer targeting, brand & product positioning, digital media & traditional media,sales.

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Marketing and PR
Brenda Wunsch
Has spent 25 years developing revenue-rich marketing and business development programs for a number of start-ups. A marketing company that brings in the experts you need to market your product. Experts in the pet industry, movie or a start-up online company. We will bring the experts to the table that can give your company that extra edge.

Tagline: Executive Coach

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Market Reserach & Financial Analysis
Thomas Miezejeski
Proven track record of increasing profits and improving operations, in all functional areas, of a wide range of businesses. Most recently involved working on Crowd Funding projects. ·Founded iSelfPay a mobile payments company that enabled person to person and cunsumer to merchants payments.

Tagline: Management Resource, Entrepreneur

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Executive Coach
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson is an international business executive with expertise ranging from operations to marketing and business development. He launched his career in Japan managing real estate development projects for Mitsui Construction. After leaving Mitsui Construction, Greg joined Regus, the world’s largest provider of serviced office solutions, and launched the serviced office concept in Japan. Greg established Regus Japan K.K., the Japanese subsidiary. As President of Regus Japan K.K., Greg negotiated and secured the lease in 3 of Tokyo’s most premier business addresses, directed the interior office construction in accordance with Regus’ standards, hired a staff of 20, and had the business running in the black in less than 18 months. After returning to California, Greg consulted for a number of American companies, helping them to establish and expand their presence in the Japanese market. He has also successfully directed the marketing and business development in North America for companies such as Lion Office Products and Takagi Tankless Water Heaters.

Tagline: Executive Coach

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Gary Brewer
Gary has over 25 years experience in product branding development, channel management, marketing communications and internet marketing. He has a proven track record of consistently delivering record revenue growth in manufacturing, distribution and service environments. Gary is currently President of Digital Eye Media a leading national brand management and internet marketing firm that serves the online marketing industry using social media, search engine marketing and brand development. In his first year he increased revenue by 210% and Digital Eye Media was later awarded the prestigious ADDY Award from The American Advertising Federation, the world's largest and toughest advertising competition. Earlier, Gary was the Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Rand Technology, one of the most respected international electronic component distributors in the world. During his tenure, Rand tripled sales and won the Hi-Tech Company of the Year Award. Rand awarded him with its Rand Corporate Achievement Award for Outstanding Service.

Tagline: branding development, channel management, marketing communications and internet marketing

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Tax Expert, Business CPA
Penny M. Fox
Over three decades of experience providing professional accounting, tax and consulting services to business and individuals in Orange County. Throughout this time she has shared her business acumen with industries as diverse as restaurants, manufacturers, designers, medical professionals, contractors, real estate brokers and developers, retail establishments and many other entrepreneurs. She has also provided valuable consulting services to individuals in income tax planning, estate tax planning, divorce consulting and bankruptcy planning. An Orange County resident since the mid-seventies, Penny graduated from California State University - Fullerton in 1978 and passed the CPA Exam in 1979. Penny has been a member of the California Society of CPAs since receiving her license in 1980

Penny M. Fox, CPA is a full service accounting and consulting firm. We cater to a wide variety of clients ranging from individuals to medium-sized corporations. We specialize in tax and accounting services, including tax planning and tax return preparation, and bookkeeping. In addition to our specialty areas, we also provide retirement planning, business consulting, estate planning, trust consulting, divorce planning and bankruptcy planning.

Tagline: Tax Expert, Business CPA

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Shapour Daneshmand
Shapour Daneshmand is an accomplished producer and director with more than 25 years’ film and video experience. The son of a judge, Shapour is, at his core, an activist with a keen sense of justice and a passion for giving voice and insight into political and social injustice. An ardent advocate for free speech, transparency, and the basic human dignity of a poverty-free word, he is called—in his life and work as a director, cinematographer and gifted story-teller—to peel away the layers of repression and human suffering through the voice and lens of his camera. His passion for producing and directing is evident in the texture and poignant quality of his broad body of work.

Tagline: Videographer, Producer, Director,

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Campaign Manager and Social Media Expert
Sallar Khorramshahi (Sam Khorram)
Sallar was born and raised in Orange County, California. He is currently a student in College and has been creating websites since the young age of 8. In 2009, he was exposed to Google Apps and became partners with a Google App Reselling company. He now runs a company called Orange County Cloud Apps which provides Google Apps solutions for Local Businesses. He is experienced in Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Video Optimization, Graphics Design, and Online Marketing. He has an extensive background in Social Media strategy and implementation which is his primary role as a CrowdFunding Mentor. Through his methods and strategies he has helped countless CrowdFunding Campaigns to reach and surpass their campaign goals. (,,,, )

Tagline: Google Apps Reseller, Cloud Apps, Social Media Expert, WebDeveloper, Graphics Design, Online Marketing Guru

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Senior CrowdFunding Content Developer and Script Writer
Lisa Bruhn
Lisa Bruhn is an electronics sales executive by day and a freelance screenwriter and blogger by night. She wrote a feature film script - CARVING A LIFE, which is filming fall of 2013 in San Diego and Los Angeles. Lisa also writes Kickstarter and other short scripts.

Lisa is also a travel blogger for fun at, aspiring french pastry baker, and Lisa has a passion to explore new places around the world. "There's so much out there to learn about and explore, how can anyone be bored!"

Tagline: Content Developer, Script Writer

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Principal Business Process & Crowd Consultant, Client Executive, Business Development Director
Stephen A. Gutierrez
Steve Gutierrez is a seasoned and nationally accomplished Business Executive, Manager, and Insightful Advisor. The most recent 10 years have been dedicated to an Entrepreneurial and Business Startup focus, from direct hands on launch thru leveraging Emerging Technologies to identify, capture and motivate the CROWD in the Digital Marketplace. Having his professional endeavors launch, while completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California School of Business, he was selected by IBM to represent USC in the Co-operative Education Program. He excelled within this challenging environment, during the explosion of the Information Technology Industry, expanding his business acumen from the technical ranks through corporate sales, sales management and enablement.

As the “Information Age” grew out from behind the “glass window and locked doors” of the Computer Center, his business development, technology and management skills expanded into the fast growing Telecommunications Industry.

Tagline: Business Process Adviser & Principal CrowdFunding Consultant

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Crowd, Expert and Cloud Sourcing - CKO
David Khorram-shahi
He has acquired a Masters Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of New York. Has 35 years of experience in Corporate and Small Business. His passions are CrowdFunding, helping to raise capital for others ideas, and business. He has a good friend called Google (The Innovation Engine) helping him.

During last 35 years, He has Co-Founded a series of companies which he has successfully and profitably managed. These organizations have completed projects that collectively generated above 700 million dollars in profit. He is also the founder and business development manager of Crowd Innovators focusing on building the largest global CrowdSourcing think-tank, to address and solve human social and business challenges on a global scale using CrowdSourcing Science. Management innovations through power of Crowd Innovations. He is the architect and developer of CrowdSourcing engines (i.e. ,

Tagline: CrowdSourcing, Google Apps, CowdFunding Portal , CowdFunding Websites, Crowdfunding Platform, Googlelator

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Website and Graphic Design
Rafael Hernandez
Has been engineering, designing, and constructing webpages since 1998. Has successfully launched several websites including CrowdFundingMentors, CrowdFundingPlanning and other website alongside David Khorram. Has gained experience in both search engine optimization and Google Sites Design. Has intellectual knowledge in Social Media and IT technical work. He currently manages CrowdFunding Planning's social media along side James Doane. Has experience with Google Apps for business migration, DNS management, web design, graphic design, and typographical design.

Tagline: Web Design, Graphic Design, Google Apps for Business, Google Apps Migration, DNS Management, and Typographer.

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